Q: Do you charge for roof estimates?

A: No, all our roofing estimates are free.

Q: What is Ice & Water Shield?

A: Ice & Water Shield is a self-adhered underlayment normally used at gutter and valleys on your home. It protects against leaks caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.

Q: What does hail damage look like?

A: Our roofing experts are trained to identify hail damage. See pictures of hail damage examples below.



Q: What will it cost me?

A: If your insurance company approves your claim (finds damage), you will pay only the deductible. Your insurance co. pays the rest.

Q: How is Everlast Renovation Company compensated for their efforts with my insurance co.?

A: We agree to handle all the insurance meetings, price negotiations and insurance invoicing on your behalf in return for the contract on all work to be performed.

Q: What if my home is not approved? Will there be fees to Everlast Co.?

A: Absolutely not! We work for you on contingency, based on insurance co. approval.

Q: Can I handle the insurance adjustor on my own?

A: Perhaps, but we strongly discourage all homeowners from doing this. This meeting is the most crucial part of the entire process. Our field supervisors are specifically trained for identifying hail, wind and debris damage, as well negotiating with adjustors to get the most money for you. Let the professionals represent you for free.

Q: Will my insurance get cancelled?

A: NO. Insurance companies realize you have no control over a major storm that hits your area. This is referred to as an “Act of God” in most insurance policies. It will, however, ultimately depend on a variety of factors including your past claims history. If this is a concern, we will help determine your decision by asking you a few simple questions.

Q: Will my insurance premiums go up if I file a claim for storm damage?

A: Generally speaking, no. But regardless if you file a claim or not, your insurance will increase do to catastrophic events that the insurance industry has to cover in other areas of the country. Just compare your insurance rates from three years ago to today. You pay premiums for events like this, so don’t be intimidated by your insurance agent or the insurance co. when it comes time to file your claim.

Q: AM I limited on products and colors for the new applications to my house?

A: Not at all! Everlast Renovation carries a full line of the industries highest quality roofing, siding and window products available today. We will schedule a color meeting with you and your spouse after your insurance co. approves your home to determine what products and colors you choose. This takes about thirty minutes.

Q: What am I obligating myself to by signing a contract with Everlast Renovation Co.?

A: If the insurance co. approves your home, we have the first right of refusal to complete the actual work. The total cost of your project will be the insurance proceeds plus your deduct able.